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VIDEO REPORT: Malnutrition widespread among Maldivian children

Nearly 17 per cent of children in Maldives are underweight, and up to 19 per cent suffer from stunting. UNICEF is supporting government efforts to improve child nutrition.

Read the full story here: http://uni.cf/M0YGFc

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This weekend, the eight most powerful leaders in the world will meet at the G8 summit and could agree to a plan that could literally stop climate change!

It’s crazy, but right now, our governments give nearly $1 trillion a year of our taxpayer money to Big Oil and coal to destroy our planet.
Key leaders, including President Obama who is hosting the G8, have already agreed to stop these polluter payments. Now, if we demand they act on their word and divert this huge sum into renewable energy, experts say we could actually save our planet!

It’s a simple no-brainer that our leaders have already agreed to. Let’s hold their feet to the fire, and push President Obama to lead the world’s largest economies to turn these polluting subsidies green. Sign the urgent petition on the right and forward this to everyone — a massive campaign now can force them from talk to action

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To President Dilma Rousseff :

We call on you to take immediate action to save Brazil’s precious forests by vetoing the changes to the forest law. We also urge you to prevent further murders of environmental activists and workers by increasing law enforcement against illegal loggers and ramping up protection for people at risk from violence or death. The world needs Brazil to be an international leader on the environment. Your strong action now will safeguard the planet for future generations.

1,706,544 have signed the petition. Together let’s reach our new goal of 2,000,000

Posted: 7 May 2012
Days ago, Congress passed a catastrophic forestry bill that gives loggers and farmers free rein to cut down huge swaths of our precious forests, from the Amazon to the Atlantic. Now only President Dilma can stop it.

Timing is on our side — in weeks Dilma will host the world’s biggest environmental summit and insiders say she cannot afford to be pinned as the leader who approved the devastation of the Amazon. Dozens have been murdered for standing against deforestation. Now it’s up to us to turn up the heat and push her to veto.

We have no time to lose — she could make her decision any day. Let’s super-charge our already 1.2 million strong petition. Click below to save the Amazon and tell everyone — when we reach 2 million signers Avaaz will join forces with former Environment Ministers to deliver it directly to Dilma.

Many Awá are still uncontacted, and they are running for their lives.

‘One man has the power to stop the loggers: Brazil’s Minister of Justice.
But it’s just not his priority. Let’s push it up his list.’
— Colin Firth


VIDEO REPORT: Chad has one of the lowest rates of access to safe drinking water and sanitation services in the world. The result has been recurrent outbreaks of diseases like polio, meningitis and cholera. While access to safe water and sanitation is improving in urban areas, children in rural areas are almost always at risk from these sanitation-related diseases.

Join UNICEF correspondent Guy Hubbard as he reports on a UNICEF programme that is improving sanitation in rural Chad.

Read more: http://uni.cf/Jesux8